Wednesday, December 17, 2008

40 Plate Chart Revealed

Here are 110 articles explaining the 40 Plate Chart, which are pictorial illustrations of biblical events in history. They reveal spiritual principles, which Yahweh Elohim revealed to Dr. H.C.Kinley in a divine vision and revelation. These illustrated events explain how man and the creation came into being according to an archetype (original) universal pattern, revealed to Moses in Exodus.

Dr. Kinley enlisted the help of his son RP Kinley to paint the original 40 plate chart. Now it's the Word or Son Yahshua the Messiah being the teacher and the comforter who has explained the reality of these charts and the same one in you to reveal what the words mean.

This 40 plate chart pictured above is not big enough for you to see and to follow along in the articles. You can however click on the link on the left hand side to take you to a much larger version of the chart at that web site.

We begin with the very last article Part 110 and end with Part 1. You can go the Blog Archive section on the lower left side and click on to any Part 1 through Part 110 and it will be displayed on your computer screen.

We hope that you will gain a better understanding of Yahweh our Elohim as He really is and actually exists.

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peace, love and joy always and forever, The Ark and Spirit


  1. Thank you for this blog and the explanation in writing. Much is said and much is expected I'll presume. Again even I must begin again to learn and hopefully here what say Yahshua! Thank you thank you for keeping it up!

    1. Appreciate your response my brother. I'm on Facebook also. There are 510+ articles in my notes section all revealing Yahweh our Elohim as he really is and actually exists. Send your email address and I'll link you to Facebook.